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Booking and Reservations: Qualytrip



Qualytrip is a startup company specialized in personal transport services based in Panama City, Panama. During recent years we had interact very closely in a couple of projects. One of these projects was the launch of Qualytrip website.


Web site


The market of the transportation services is quite unique and demanding in Panama. Millions of tourist visits this exuberant country every year and most of them arrive through the Tocumen airport that serves the city of Panama.

PuntaDev assisted Qualytrip from choosing the company name, to choose the hosting services, to logo design, to finally complete and launching the website. The launching strategy of Qualytrip was to offer a shuttle service for the user of the airport of Tocumen. So they where requiring not just a nice looking website where local and foreign clients could get access to the value propositions and relevant information of the services but also a booking tool were required. The decision to buy or built at that stage was derived by the challenging schedule of the launching project. In this context, PuntaDev recommended a website and a booking tool based on Joomla, a well know and reliable CMS that will cover all major requirements for this project.


Company Identity


PuntaDev helped Qualytrip to define clear statements of the value propositions of their service. Working in a regular basis through video conference and other teaming tools we get to an optimum result in quite a short period. The result of this team working was used in the website and all the marketing material that the company produced for the launch. Qualytrip presented to all their potential partners the business proposal brochure that was jointly developed in content and design together with PuntaDev.  



To learn more about Qualytrip and their excellent services please go to www.qualytrip.com


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